• Start to finish setup of MX, SPF, DKIM and DMARC using Zoho, on
    Increase your email deliverability rate substantially with SPF and DKIM – and optionally (but recommended) configuring DMARC. In the beginning, in the wild and wooly old days of the Internet, you could send an email as ANYBODY you wanted. There wasn’t any verification to limit SPAM. And a lot of people did indeed send spam, … Read more
  • “EVERYBODY WRITES” book by Ann Handley, review by John Chapman
    “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley is a fantastic book. This book absolutely exceeded my expectations. I had thought this would be a good little book about writing, directed to the common person that doesn’t have a literary degree about how to write better. Her book is so much more. Follow me as I break it … Read more
  • Alamode Email Delivery Failures
    Alamode sending appraisal notifications – but not always making it to the user email? I was contacted by a friend who uses Alamode Appraisal software. The issue he had was two-fold. When he used the Alamode platform to send a notification to a customer that an appraisal was completed – the customer did not always … Read more