Producing and creating Media for your website and beyond:

I work with media – text, images, audio and video – in conjunction with configuring, troubleshooting, updating websites and the associated server aspects.

Examining the categories in a bit more detail:


Text is critically important. Text is the primary way to convey ideas, thoughts, information and even emotion on the Internet. (Of course, audio and video are very important.)

I create text, edit text and manipulate text be it subtitles in a video or writing/creating complete copy for your content.



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Images, primarily photography, are said to speak a thousand words. Indeed, pictures can show what a text description never can.

Pictures frequently need to be edited for final presentation be it cropping, resized, enhanced (lightened/darkened).

You can provide your own images for me to work with, or I can take pictures for you.



Video is nothing more than a series of pictures displayed at a rate of 30 frames per second (or so). Video can be combined with audio both verbal speech and/or other supporting audio. Video can be extremely powerful to demonstrate products, concepts and convey thoughts/ideas.

Video editing can be simple, or very complex, depending on the goals.

Video can be slice, diced, added to in so many ways. Multiple camera angles/shoots can be used with multiple audio tracks, there is picture in picture, other illustrations.

You might need just a basic intro/outro added, and the video resized and compressed for the web.

Any and all options are on the table – but the more options desired, the longer it takes. Video production can be a BEAST in time necessary within workflow.



Audio is what we as humans do every day – talk. We talk to convey ideas, to effect change, to share emotions.

Audio when recorded can do these same things – but typically needs to be cleaned up a bit. Editing out the “uhms, the coughs, the long pauses, the garbled things we say is easily done.

Spoken speech can also be converted to text – and created as a standalone document and/or text to be displayed in a video of that same speech.

Media Productions:

Combining any or all of these media options together to create YOUR communication goals is what I do. Perhaps it is an hour of work, or could take a week. You might need an ongoing series of work. It can be done.



The process of creating a website has changed dramatically in the 20 years I’ve been involved in this industry. The capabilities and requirements have changed as well. There are online website builders such as WIX and Squarespace that get you close enough in most cases.

My specialty is WordPress. Currently, the ease of use along with the incredible functionality that can be added via plugins cover most use cases. And the option to tweak little things via custom methods is of great value as well.

Editing, managing and/or building your website is something that I can do for you once, as needed, or ongoing maintenance/management.

Regardless of how your website is created, where it is hosted, you will need media. And DR7Media is right here to help you.


The “geek” side of websites, servers, configuring email on the server side, troubleshooting errors on the backend both website and email – all of these (and more) are within my wheelhouse and easily resolved to get you back up and running.