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GP Tweaks – a wordpress plugin built by DR7Media, available for free.

Styling the GeneratePress plugin isn’t difficult, but it is a manual process. The GP Tweaks plugin makes it pretty easy to change colors beyond what is provided by this free theme.

Project Example: PermianTrader.com
Type: Business Directory / Classified Ads

This site is specifically catering to the Permian region in West Texas. Providing a classified section where any registered user can post a classified, and a Business Directory where any qualifying business can list their business and type of services.
This site built using WordPress by DR7Media.

Project Example: DronePilotsWork.com
Type: Membership Site

This is a site built for Drone Pilots to post their respective information, and for potential clients to find a local Drone Pilot. This is a membership site, with the specific members – Drone Pilots – having a profile. There is also a job board where clients can post any desired contracts.
This site built using WordPress by DR7Media.

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