What We Do For You

DR7Media offers a full spectrum of services, from a complete website build along with hosting, to just merely troubleshooting a minor issue.

With the range of experience and knowledge won over a couple of decades – troubleshooting email, DNS, SSL errors, etc., the solution to your problem is easily within our needed skill sets to help you quickly and correctly.

Frequent trouble areas:

Email issues – routing, deliverability, configuration & problems

Email deliverability is much more difficult today than it used to be, because of spammers. Multiple methodologies to defend against spam, and in turn ensure authenticity of the emailing sender, make it better for the user. However, this makes it way more challenging to configure on the server side of things.

There are three things important to configure – those are SPF, DMARC and DKIM. You get all three of these, and your email is usually going to be delivered with a high confidence factor. Unless, of course, your domain gets flagged as a spam domain. Then your email will be sent to the spam folder, and depending on the email admin of the server you are sending to – could be deleted without the user ever possibly seeing your email.

Fortunately, getting this all configured is simply crossing all the t’s, and dotting all the i’s.

SSL – Secure websites (https)

If your website doesn’t have a SSL certificate, and isn’t configured properly as a secure (https) website, browsers such as Chrome won’t even display the webpage without a big warning, and requiring you to click continue.

For most visitors to your website, this will be a big red flag and your website will be subsequently ignored.

Getting a cert for your site is pretty straightforward.

Mobile Friendly Websites

The number of websites that don’t view properly on mobile devices is very low, but there are still those out there. Usually, more traffic comes to your device via mobile devices vs a computer – and a mobile friendly site is paramount.

Additionally, Google (the powerhouse search engine) is prioritizing search results for websites that are mobile friendly.

With the modern website architecture built in to WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and others, a mobile friendly website is practically the default if building a site today.


Host your website with DR7Media. We almost exclusively use WordPress, and tend to host the websites we build on our own VPS server, via Linode.

There are a number of reasons to host your site on our server, two primary ones are:

1) Speed / Performance – Many lower end web hosts over sell their capacity. You can absolutely purchase higher end hosting and get better performance.

2) Control – Having ultimate control to modify, add, configure from the server itself to settings specific to your website (including ease of installing / configuring plugins) is a fantastic advantage.

DR7MEDIA is a great choice!

We would like to have you as a customer. If you would like to work with us, or you have questions, just let us know.