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Quite a few years ago, I met John Chapman while looking for a “Computer Guy” for our computer needs. Since that time, he has become a good friend and a trusted Technician for all our computer needs.

I am a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser here in Texas, and a Beta Tester for the software I use in my business. But even though I have a team of Beta Techs at my “beck and call”, it’s only for their software and not necessarily for my personal computer needs. That is where John comes in.

When my appraisal software company got out of the “email business” it kinda left me high and dry. John was able to set both me and my wife up with a new email provider called Zoho, which I had personally never heard of. It has worked pretty much flawlessly ever since.

Earlier than the above issue, when my “Office Manager / Wife’s” email program called Outlook stopped working, mostly because of the age of her computer, John was able to identify the problem with the authentication to the email and actually ended moving her over to Thunderbird, which I was already using, so we now have the same email programs, and her email has worked fine from then on.

Recently my website stopped working. This is a website that is part of my appraisal software company’s package, and those Techs were not able to get my site back up and running. So, again, I called John, even though he was out of state, and he remoted in to my computer and found an SSL error. This information allowed me to contact my appraisal software company with the “fix” as it was on their end the whole time.  😊

It is comforting to me to know that I have a person that I can contact if/when I have issues with my computer email and website, as this is how I earn my living!

I can highly recommend John Chapman for your needs as he is both knowledgeable and honest!

Rick Neighbors ATA-R, MNAA
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