Services offered by DR7Media

Website And Content Marketing Services

Copywriting / Content

Typically, you as website owner will write the content for your website. If you don’t have the time nor the level of comfort for this aspect, this service is available for you. We create content from just a bunch of rough ideas, to rewriting already existing posted content. Part of the copywriting and content management include Spellcheck, Grammar overview, word flow, concepts, ideas…

We will interview you, discover objectives of your company or organization in order to create content that accurately portrays your message in a clear, direct manner.


Website Building

Assessment of your needs, objectives. Building a site that is mobile friendly, responsive, great seo. Image management. Depending on host, can add additional options to improve speed/performance.


Website Updating

Your website might work just fine, but you want to update the look. Perhaps you are just trying to change a color, or some minor thing.


Responsive / Mobile Friendly

If you have a WordPress website, as of today it is most likely mobile friendly. If not, this is a real concern and problem to be properly addressed.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Getting the basics of SEO correct on your site isn’t difficult, but it can be time-consuming. Using an SEO plugin configured properly on your WordPress website helps insure good SEO practices. It isn’t magic, and still requires attention and detail – but all is from within the convenience of the editor for that particular page/article.



Editing images, creating graphics, tweaking (removing defects), etc. This includes creating a Logo, on site graphics to all offline graphics including Signs, Banners, Decals.


Video Editing

Creating videos? Have raw footage that needs to be edited down, graphics added, perhaps Closed Captions created? All doable by DR7Media.


Mailing List(s)

Services offered by companies such as Mailerlite, Mailchimp, etc. integrate nicely with WordPress. Honestly, they integrate nicely with any website as these services are full-featured. Although the required amount of effort to setup integration with these services isn’t particularly difficult, we are delighted to configure and assist as needed.


Technical support

Your existing website might be built on WordPress and need to have updates, new features, problems solved. Your site may be just a statically built site, and need updates. All types of support are available. Just ask.


  I am pleased as hell that you are visiting right now, and I’d like to hear how I can help you. There is NO charge just to tell me what is going on, and what you’d like to achieve. I’m looking for partnerships with you (personal, companies, organizations) that will be beneficial to both of us today, and for years to come. 

Send me a little info via the form below, and I’ll be back with you ASAP!

Describe above how I can help. Ask questions. Tell me your goals and your vision. I'll listen, and get back to you right away.