Pricing for building your website, consulting, support, other services.

Pricing for building your website, consulting, support, other services.

Every Website project is different, every technical problem you might be having with your site is different. As a general rule, I am much more project based. This means a particular problem will be evaluated, and you will know the cost of the solution up front. This typically applies to building your website as well. Of course, every website is different, and your unique use case will be reflected. Hourly rates apply more to tech support issues, but even then I prefer to offer to you a known flat-rate.



Tech support has a huge range of possibilities. Is your site broken? Is mail disappearing? Are images missing? Did your site suddenly become slow? Do you need to move your site? Do you want guidance, or do you want us to do it for you?

I will endeavor to provide a flat rate for resolving a tech issue, but at times, an hourly rate will be the preferred option. As a rule of thumb, the minium charge is $75.00 for anything up to 30 minutes. For a single hour, $135.00. For tech support hourly, over an hour, the rate is $125.00 hr, divided up into 10 minute increments.  Meaning an hourly based request which took 1hr and 20 minutes would be: $166.67.



Building your website. So many variables. A combination of functionality, performance and aesthetics.

Just like asking someone to build house, without getting into the nitty gritty, there is no idea as to what either party will do.

Before you WOULD have a house built, however, you would get the services of an architect. An architect will discover your preference for design. Your intended usage and needs will be discovered, and taken into account. Typically, factors that would make your house do well if being sold on the open market are also taken into account.

Your website is no less complicated or important.

To that end, building your website starts with a conversation. I must discover everything you want your website to do now, and in the future. And inform you of things you might want to do as well. Your website might focus on multiple authors, or, perhaps a showcase for products. So many use cases exist, it is hard to say.

Your intended usage, your needs, will reflect the final product.

Regardless of your additional use cases, all websites I build address the following issues:

  • Design – Asthetics, colors, layout.
  • MOBILE Responsive – It is paramount that your website functions properly on mobile.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  • Security
  • Backups
  • Performance
  • Image handling – specifically automatically resizing of large images.
  • Google Analytics
  • Email configuration as it concerns coming FROM the website.
  • Contact Form

In general, a website with all of these factors will be between $1400 – $2000.

Additional functionality, such as membership controls, classifieds, and any other additional features can vary greatly. Depending on your additional needs, additional time could be needed ranging from minimal, to “Are you sure you want to do this?!”.

Additionally, items such as pictures, and the written content for the site is provided by you, the client, unless otherwise accounted for.

DR7Media can absolutely help you with:

  • Writing
  • Images
  • Research
  • Posting
  • Facebook

If you are ready to get started with your website, or you have a technical support need, simply fill out the form below. Yes, it will be GREAT to hear from you!