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From building your site to changing a font color on your existing site, we manage your website issues.

Website Development

Starting with an analysis of your needs and goals, we build your website to meet your objectives. A few essential points: style, user engagement, ease of navigation, SEO and site loading speed. And we build YOUR site so YOU can make changes, add pages, upload pictures – or we can do that for you as well.

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Website Hosting

Put your site on a fast server, where you DON’T have to manage all the little details. We do all that for you. Our hosting is fast and reliable. We ensure bandwidth capacity, use speedy SSD hard drives, and use Varnish Caching to ensure your site responds quickly.

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Website Maintenance

All aspects of a website. Setup, maintenance, email, plugins, forms, seo, newsletter configuration, social media, general assistance – the list is long. We are available on retainer or an hourly basis to help you with large issues or small.

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We are always:

Listening - Researching - Advising - Helping

DR7Media Team Members

DR7Media is a small team who brings ideas to life on the web.

John Chapman

Website Builder / Technologist - I work with you to determine your needs and goals for your website, implement a build plan, and ensure that your website meets the specified criteria.

John Chapman

Knowledge - The most important team member is knowledge. Knowledge gained by experience, knowledge gained by reading/education, and the knowledge of how to solve a problem regardless of the path finding this solution might take.

Brian Merrills

Graphics Designer - I produce amazing graphics, with an eye for detail to add that little bit of extra flair to every image. I’m well versed in image design, with a skill set to create and bring to life images from concept to finished form. I use my skills daily running my promotions and sign company, Mobile Art Dept.

Brian Merrills

Pricing and Options

Just like making a car, building a house or even putting in a driveway – each one is different. We need to know more about your project to understand your needs, so we know what it will take to build your site. We have a questionnaire that will help us determine what you would like to achieve with your project, and how we can best help. We want to build your website and will take great care of you from the beginning of your project to the very end. We want you happy that your objectives were met and that your website performs well. We want you so delighted, that you refer DR7Media to anyone you know looking for a great website. Scroll down just a little to the contact form and let’s start your project today!

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