Helping to connect your business to your online target audience.



That is the only reason you invest time, energy and money into a website.

A return on your dollars that helps somehow.

A website is only a tool. A tool to reach, to engage, to inform.

Building a website is not difficult.

If that is what you want to do, I’m providing tutorials. I’ll help you build it.

How are you using this tool, your website, effectively?

This takes time.

This takes effort.

This takes skill.

Don’t sweat it.

Partner with DR7Media for a complete turnkey done for you package.

I’ll spend the time with you to find out your business objectives, needs, goals.

I’ll build the site to faciliate this.

I’ll use best practices.

I’ll write or help you with the content for your site.

I’ll help you market your site.

I’ll be there day after day, month after month, year after year to continually help you refine, work, engage, and react to the changing market forces.

I’m a techie, but I understand the harsh realities of business.

The next step? Check out my services page to see how DR7Media can help YOUR company with your outreach and marketing efforts.