Building websites for the Construction and Blue Collar Trades / Professions

Tell your story.
Find more clients.
Build long-term relationships.

Customers are searching for answers to their problems.

Show clients you are
the right choice,

Because you have the expertise.

Because you offer fantastic service.

Because you are highly reliable.

Because you make customer satisfaction important.

Answer frequently asked questions to:
Save your customer time, save you time.
Pre-screen your customer.
Build customer confidence.

Showcase work and projects

If you could magically beam awareness of your services directly to those that need them, you’d have all the business you wanted.

Unfortunately, this technology does not exist.

Until then, the Internet is as close as we have.

Use the Internet to your advantage.

Don’t worry, don’t fret.

DR7Media will help you every step of the way.

We will work together to discover exactly what to say on your website.

We will help you with your sales gameplan using your website.

We will BUILD your website.

We will maintain your website.

We will help you and potential customers connect.

It’s really easy to get started.

Even if you only have a quick question – get the answer you need and want.

I, John Chapman, promise to take excellent care of you.

So talk to me. I’m delighted to hear from you:

Describe above how I can help. Ask questions. Tell me your goals and your vision. I'll listen, and get back to you right away.