Website In A Week

Website In A Week

Get your website built in a week, start to finish.

Need your website up quickly? How about in just a week? It is absolutely possible.

A website project from conception to initial launch has a lot of moving pieces. DR7Media offers a “Website In A Week” package for those that need to get a site launched quickly. This also applies for a complete refresh if you have an existing site and need to completely start from scratch. All of the usual build details are included, and they include:

A WordPress theme branded to reflect your organization or persona.
I work with you to customize the theme to reflect your organizations colors, styles, look and feel.

SEO optimized, with each piece of content customizable for sharing to Social Media.
By default, SEO descriptions and images will be created from content. Ideally, each piece of content will have these settings optimized.

Images scaled and web optimized.
Automatic scaling of large images, along with smaller images are created to eliminate or diminish transferring larger than needed images.
Read my article about image resizing.

Lazy Loading enabled to assist with a crisp website loading experience.
If you have multiple images on your page, they won’t load until needed. The difference is dramatic.
Read my article about Lazy Loading.

Mobile responsive first.
Mobile first is built for ensuring your site looks great and functions on a mobile device size while changing the layout as display size increases to tablet, to small desktop, to larger desktop.

Authorship roles in place to allow separation between administration and content authorship.
The role of content creation is separated from the role of administration. This concept allows multiple content authors to create and upload content without the risk of unexpected changes to the integrity of your website.

Contact form to send inquiries to your email.
Site visitors can contact you through a form, and the information submitted is sent to one or more email addresses.

Up to 10 pages built by DR7Media for you, with an unlimited number available to be self-created.

Blog set up for one or multiple authors.
Easily create blog posts with different authors, with specific categories and terms.

Spellcheck and grammar check for all content before deployed.

Performance optimization.
Various caching methods for content, data, and underlying programming code are employed.

Google Analytics
A Google Analytics account is setup, and configured on your website to track visitor stats.

Website Hosting
First month of hosting provided for free. Site performance on lower end hosts cannot be guaranteed.
Monthly hosting $19.95 monthly. This is on a fast server, SSD harddrive, plenty of bandwidth and storage. INCLUDES BACKUPS.

A One Hour live training session is provided to familiarize you with how to upload content and images to your website.

What is needed from you to successfully complete in a week?

Your branding images.

Your branding colors.

Content for up to 10 pages. This also includes the images needed for each page. If you have an existing site that is being rebuilt, the needed content might be already available.

The process of building a site very quickly requires a timely back and forth feedback cycle. Delays in responses simply add to the overall timeline.

Caveats and Terms: One week turn around is predicated on all images and content and branding colors provided. Example: Design and colors are approved, but the website content has not yet been provided. At this point, the one-week timeclock has not yet started. Once all needed items are provided, it is then GO time, and the clock starts.


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