About DR7Media

DR7Media is a little bit different from most companies that build websites. A TOP-SECRET (shhh, not really) mix of Content Marketing, Tech, Inspiration, and Pragmatism are some major ingredients that make DR7Media such an amazing company.

First, DR7Media, as I run it, is a proponent and advocate of Content Marketing. In all things, this is the approach taken. Building an audience of those who like, know and trust you. (see the Reference page for books, downloads, podcasts, email newsletters, people to follow.)

Second, DR7Media is a technical company, merging website howto with Content Marketing. Setting up your website, configuring for SEO, performance, email lists, producing great content to engage your audience along with design aspects are all covered (and maybe a bit more).

Third, inspiration! I care way more about inspiration and teaching than anything else. You will see this in books I recommend, people I follow (and encourage you to do the same), and how I am striving to live my life.

Fourth, pragmatism. Nothing is perfect, nothing happens instantly, and the world IS the way that the world is. Every day we learn more, and although things might not always go as planned, it’s ok. Just dust ourselves off, and move forward.

I am working to hard to do the things that will encourage you to consider DR7Media a partner in your endeavors. I don’t even care if it is website related, you could send up a red flag alert and ask about just about anything.

As owner and operator of DR7Media, I fully promote self-reliance, a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach to building your website and marketing. To this end, on the DR7Media website, you will find tutorials, guidance, and references to help you to achieve this all on your own.

Every bit of knowledge I have, each and every little thing I can share, if I think it can help you build a better website – I’m posting it.

As I said on the “Home” page, “There is no secret sauce”.

Truth: “Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime”.

However, not all of you have the time and resources to fish. IE: Build your website, refresh your website, or develop your content marketing strategy. You are doing what YOU do.

If you don’t want to build your website, don’t have time to produce content – we can absolutely do it all for you. We can dig into your business, find out your goals, what makes you unique, and help you find more audience, more customers.

DR7Media is definitely here as a Media / Marketing / Website company to help and serve you. We do what we do, to help you do more of what you do.

And lastly, without a doubt, this is an experiment. Every day I am testing, exploring, tweaking and seeing the results.

Please, take a look around, see how we can help.

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John Chapman (Hey, check out my BIO)